Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New posts are coming!

I'm working on some new posts and promise to be a better Sunshine Family blogger in the future.

Some posts I have planned are:
  • SF and HF Grandparents
  • Star Spangled Dolls
  • SF Clones
  • Furniture and set up of the SF one level house
  • Other SF Playsets and trucks
  • DIY clothing sets and other items
  • Rare and hard to find dolls and items


Laura Bray said...

I'm really, really excited to see what you put up. I wish I still had my Sunshine Family dolls!

Anonymous said...

Please continue! I'm particularly curious about those DIY clothing sets. What a neat idea!


jose said...

see on my flickr!!

Sunshine mom said...

We just got the Sunshine Family Farm!- used, with no instructions. We figured out how to put everything together, but have a question about the cow. The box says "water the cow, then "milk" it!" We can not figure out how/where to put the water in. Does anyone remember how the cow works?

Laura Krulewecki said...

i still have all my Happy Family...(minus a toddler which I never knew existed). I still have grandpa and grandma and the dog and cat and their animal house, and the Pick-up truck with the camper and the raft. I LOVED this family..and took good care of them. I stil have the craft booklets and made many things in them. They inspired me to create an entire apartment out of a giant box that I cut down to slide under my bed. I put in walls and windows, tile, carpeting, draperies and furniture that I made. I never had daughters and my boys weren't interested in them. Still, I can't part with this lovely family. All my neighborhood friends had the sunshine family...but I believed in diversity even then and felt that it didn't make sense that everyone should be the same. I wonder if Matel intended to have such an influence over young girls! Thanks for doing this blog!